Why Call Us?

Why you should call the carpet cleaning experts?

  • We are formally qualified ACCI technicians
  • We clean beyond the AS/NZS:3733-1995 standard
  • We can provide pre-inspection and obligation free written quotes (commercial only)
  • We offer a genuine guarantee – we want to see a smile on your face or we’re back at your place!
  • Reliable service – we always arrive on time and arrange times around our customers.
  • Powerful truck mounted equipment – the most effective form of removing lead and dust mites. Water temperatures around 110 degrees, allowing carpets and upholstery to dry quicker.
  • All cleaners are with the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute, in uniform and always deliver a friendly service.
  • Rugs cleaned by experts – all traditional and modern rugs cleaned by our exclusive, seven stage gentle, cleaning process in the finest, modern facilities.
  • Emergency water damage restoration (Domestic or Commercial) – all work is supervised and carried out by our technicians, from the initial water extraction, removal of furniture and removal of underlay, to the final stage of relaying and cleaning the carpet. Real Estates and Body Corporates are also welcome to contact our office to discuss how we can assist them and their tenants in this time of need.

Have you ever had?

  • Wet carpets that took days to dry?
  • Carpets that go brown and patchy after cleaning?
  • Carpets that get dirty quickly after cleaning?
  • Sticky Carpets?
  • Smelly Carpets?
  • Poor value for money?

Why does this happen?

The carpet cleaning industry is unregulated and until 1994 had lacked any formal training with the result that the majority of operators have simply purchased equipment and called themselves carpet cleaners. They have never been formally trained on how to provide a quality clean. They are unskilled, unqualified and desperate for business. The results are ridiculous discount prices and hasty ‘in and out’ cleans often resulting in long term damage to your carpets. Your carpet is a major cost item in the household and needs to be correctly maintained to ensure you get value for money. That simply can’t be done with cheap operators, the ‘splash and dash brigade’ who only see you as an easy target. All other trades undergo formal training with licensing. Carpet cleaners should be no different.

How to avoid these problems!

Not all carpet cleaners are the same. You need a certified technician. One who has been formally trained and qualified by examination. One who can identify the correct cleaning requirements and procedures that best suit your carpet. You need a technician who will clean to Australian Standards as minimum requirement. This standard is here to protect you by outlining guidelines for correct cleaning and maintenance procedures. Yellow Brick Road can show you a copy of the standard for your perusal.

How much should I pay?

Firstly a word of warning! Most untrained carpet cleaners charge by the room and we strongly recommend that you avoid this type of pricing. It is unfair, inaccurate and open to abuse. To avoid any problems we recommend that you only pay by the square metre. This way you only pay for exactly what you want cleaned. For example, a room may have fixtures such as a water bed, that leaves only half the actual floor space to be cleaned, on a room quote you would be only getting half the room cleaned yet paying for the full room.

There are generally two types of services that you can expect to pay for, however only one is recommended:

Note:  Extra services such as specialty spot and stain removal and Soil/Stain protection are available from a certified technician at an additional expense. Your needs and expectations will be discussed and quoted prior to commencement of any work.

Why Choose an ACCI Certified Technician?

Did you know that only 10% of all carpet cleaners have bothered to seek formal qualifications? It’s no wonder consumers are confused about what to expect from their carpet cleaner.

An Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI) certified technician has undergone an extensive training program to provide you with the best possible service. ACCI technicians are not members of a group where the only requirement is to turn up to meetings and pay membership fees. Certified technicians with the ACCI must attend courses and pass examination prior to being issued with  their membership. They are kept up to date with changes in the industry by ongoing educational programs and examinations.

ACCI technicians are used by major carpet manufacturers for warranty work and problem solving. You can be assured that they are trained to provide top quality workmanship.

Do carpet/upholstery protectors work?

Yes, but only when applied according to manufacturers instruction by a trained applicator. These products are an effective way to prolong soil and stain resistance and enhance carpet performance. For further information discuss your needs with your ACCI technician.